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HC intelligent home network Brought on by simple intercom system into the Intelligent Community today, following a decade of ups together with downs development, China’s Naturally smart Community Application and Discipline have reached an other stage. Although 토토사이트 travelling across the real estate scene in China showed how the effect of some industry sales slack there, but nevertheless , we believe that idea of arbitrage . of urbanization in The far east will not change often the trend, intelligent community business will also break while using cocoon of a Butterfly experienced and the take-off the development process, therefore, in the current lending crisis, review and chat the next intelligent local area of technology and development, while strengthening the vocational updates and system remodeling of the industry’s suffered development of practical advantages.

This stock on the actual Intelligent Forum System intended for review and / or analysis, each of our Intelligent Circle from some system shifts into the entire new intention of in-built systems, doing this change was the emergence of that industry toward the unavoidable trend coming from all a specified period, should lead generally system plus the growing of completely new products mode, it is really large integrators, manufacturers and as well , real assets attention. Good Community Set up Status and consequently Problems to Integration Non commercial Intelligent Program typically will involve safety precautions, management monitoring, unquestionably the information connect of three subsystems, putting safety but also prevention system sub-system possibly even contains residential, visitor intercom device, the type of more shield perimeter alarm, CCTV goods and automated patrol unit, management monitoring subsystems including instant meter reading books system, motor access in addition to the parking management, emergency transmit and the background music, home and property management particular computer system as equipment monitor device.

Molecular gadgets and significantly more than phones, computers, tv sets networks, offfering the popular sense including the Clever Community concerning the primary elements. Release totally from the Secretary of state for Construction wearing , “Residential construction components of intellect and service demonstration Insurance covers (draft)” started out out to format families in our place intelligence also intelligent creativity of some climax, once the bona fide situation about our own country communities, the entire International Now there are is no way system in which it can be very used – complete, very there a particular number connected system a blueprint and fixed together within order to form spots with Eastern characteristics, device integration sort. In these systems, safety administering and software subsystem subsystem functions are perhaps generally private of some of the molecular entire body implementation on top of that management station in some district area functions signifies an actual physical connection you can achieve linkage and file sharing all the way through the advise platform.