Guide to assist you to Digital Tachographs

This can be the first in our on going series of monthly blogs, answering questions from your own customers on how high-def tachographs and the exam software works, with all the focusing on a peculiar subject. Next month, methods to looking in depth in the symbols pictograms you get hold of on the digital tachograph screens, and what these businesses mean.

Useful ResourcesIn happening our newest tachograph, we discovered quantity of drivers often stepped on their daily going time or consume too short a prospect. So, we created Duo technology, the decision allow tool that fire screens real-time updates across driving and unwinding time. This assists them to stay legal, optimise their effort on the and adapt for any changes in those journey. Thanks on to you, the Pueden Exakt Duo will be our smartest About a minute Rule tachograph until now. We’ve added all the features may perhaps have asked for, inclusive of Working Time Instruction calculations.

These ensure car know exactly how much time they ve ended up working for, which also means fewer infringements and much less costly fines. With this accurate facts to hand, you are able to plan your 7 more effectively. And, the original ‘One Minute Rule’ technical allows for distinct minutes* of day time driving time immediately built in. With this to hand, fleet managers also can plan their seven days more effectively, work spaces can work faster, and fleets can easily run more without trouble. Plus, your drivers will be a lot informed. The profits really do stock up.Tachographs

record the service, driving and enjoyment times in accessory for vehicle speed. Tacografo Digital enable transporters to higher meet legislation essentials and to augment road safety. We can get more and more Our Tachotime Leader provides you along with a clear display of the tachograph data. This allows you to effortlessly convert remarkable insights into distinct actions e.g.